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Like a mirage, the smelting plant of Åg becomes visible in the early morning fog.

The mill is asleep.

In the summer, the holiday-makers of today fill the old mill dwellings with life. In the winter the mill is abandoned and quiet.

In 1927 the Åg works were closed and the production of pig-iron ceased. By then, the enterprise had been in operation for one hundred years.

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The priviliges were obtained in 1827 by a company, that was later to become STORA, for a blast furnace by the lake Ågsjon at Svärdsjö.

At the beginning, the Åg works served as an auxiliary smeltery to the Svartnäs mill. The ore came from Vintjern, the Skinnaräng mine and the mine at Svärdsjö.

After the bar iron mill at Korså was established in the 1840's, the demand for pig-iron increased and period of glory started for Åg. As was the case at most of the old mills of Bergslagen, the works with its blast furnace including the roasting house, the woodshed and pig-iron stores were ravaged by fire. However, they were immediately built up again. This happened in 1844, and the reconstruction put new life into the mill. After that, the blast furnace at Åg was in continuous production until it was closed down in 1927.

The pig-iron was transported in different ways over the 20 kilometer distance to the forge at Korså where it was processed further into bar iron. Korså was in production until 1930.

Both Korså and Åg - today owned by The Stora Kopparberget Foundation - are well preserved mills from the nineteenth century. At Korså there is a recreation centre where tourists meet and where modern forestry and industrial history walk hand in hand. At Åg the works have been restored under the direction of the Central Office of National Antiquities using means from the Labour Market Board.

Here you can sit down by the mill pond and let your imagination take you back to a period of glory long past, while the circles on the water give rest and peace of mind.

In addition to the nicely restored smelting plant, there is also at Åg today a small locksmith shop, labour dwellings, an old mill office and an impressive slag mountain.

What fishing regularions apply ?

The license allows you to fish within the whole fishery conservation area, except for Abborrtjärnen where a special one-day license is required.

There are three types of license - annual-, weekly- and daily cards. All are valid as family cards including children under the age of 16.

The card gives the holder the right to fish with handheld tackle such as jig and rod. Trolling and the use of ledger tackle (max 15 units) are also allowed.

Fishing right holders, local and leisure residents within the area are also allowed to use nets (max 5 lengths).  Fishing with net is not allowed in running waters. It is not allowed to take crayfish

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